This is my personal journal blog where I’ll make posts detailing my struggles with being a queer transguy in the south as well as my struggles and victories within my polyamorous and BDSM lifestyles whilst juggling my Pagan faith, my long distance marriage to an active duty Sailor, and working to overcome my disabilities and the nightmares of an abusive past that I only barely managed to escape from with my life.

The things I’ll write about here will have trigger warnings at times and “don’t read this if you don’t want to risk flipping a table” warnings at others. I’m not going to attach T/Ws to the posts that need it because this will act as your warning. When I write, I write deeply and from the depths of my heart and my soul. This is the way I Speak when my Voice is otherwise silenced or going unheard. So please be aware that my entries are not for the faint of heart or the weak of spirit.

But if you do read my entries, if you follow this blog to my other two: the one where I’m telling the story of my abusive past with my ex-husband and the one where I’m telling a fictional fantasy story and either of these three blogs help you in any way? Don’t hesitate to comment such, to share, to spread my words to others. Just give credit back to me as it’s due.

Beyond that? Love, shadows, and balance to you all. Blessed and so mote it be.